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Providing "medical motivational" talks to professionals, patients and the general public to educate and help reclaim your wellness

Past Topics:
  • Seniors and CBD: A New Approach to Symptom Relief (Senior Center)

  • Essentials of Cannabinoid Medicine for Women’s Health

  • Essentials of CBD: Learn the Benefits, Safety & Possibilities

  • Delta-8-THC and other Surprising Minor Cannabinoids

  • How to Maintain Medical Focus in a Recreational State

  • Talking Terpenes and Everyday Health


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Opportunity to discuss various topics incorporating medicine, empowerment coaching, and cannabis education.

  • Demystifying Cannabis

  • Mind, Body and Spirit: How Cannabis Can Elevate Wellness

  • Pain, Stress and Sleep: The Cannabis Toolbox

  • Mind, Body and Spirit: How Cannabis Can Elevate Wellness

  • Liberating Cannabis: The Women's Experience

  • The New Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • Empowerment of You: Ending Imposter Syndrome

  • Changing the Narrative: The Power of Reinvention

  • Speaking Depression & Anxiety: Untold Stories of Black Americans

Dr. Bridget is a sought-after Medical Doctor, Professional Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Cannabis Advocate, and Certified Life Coach.​

Her authentic, charming style combined with soul-provoking commentary makes her a favorite for medical professionals, leaders, associations, organizations, and companies, big and small. From health and wellness to advocacy, Dr. Bridget’s experiences and expertise ensure high-energy and high results.​

Using her unique strategy, Dr. Bridget helps drive progress and advancement.  Her clients and patients gain clarity out of confusion, gain clarity of their goals, life purpose, and values so they can live a Better Life they were destined to live.​

It’s time to discover and live your life dreams. It’s time to value yourself. It’s time to set goals that move you forward in life. It’s time to rebuild your confidence. It’s time to fearlessly walk in your authentic power. It’s time for Better Wellness. It’s time to become a Better You!

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