High Times Magazine - Dr. Bridget Spreads Wellness

Published on
May 22, 2023

Dr. Bridget is Here To Spread Courage and WellnessDr. Bridget, who specializes in family practice and cannabis medicine, was once overwhelmed by numerous frustrations in medicine. However, after seeing how cannabis altered a patient’s life for the better, the physician pivoted to a fulfilling career and life in the world of cannabis.Presently, she’s the founder of Embody and a medical cannabis interactive clinic based in Ohio, where Dr. Bridget was ahead of the game when it came to treating patients with cannabis. She has quite a story to tell about her journey in medicine, but now, she’s helping others tell their stories.Dr. Bridget will soon present Courage in Cannabis, Volume 2: The Triumphant Stories. Volume 1 was full of moving stories ranging from all corners of the industry. Now, Volume 2 will feature stories and contributions from Tyson 2.0 co-founder Adam Wilks, Ed Rosenthal, Tyrone Russell, and Johnny Curry, to name a few.

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